Scrub Straight Planting Plant Ceramic Flower Pot


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Scrub Straight Planting Plant Ceramic Flower Pot



  • High quality and 100% brand new
  • Uses: Suitable for planting miniature vegetables, succulents, air plants, moss, cactus, etc.
  • Features: corrosion resistant, not easily deformed, breathable, strong and durable.
  • Design: Design: Straight design, 1 drain hole.
  • Product Description: The surface of the product is clean and tidy, the appearance is beautiful, the surface is beautiful, and the ventilation is good.
  • Quality: The quality is heavy, the glaze is fired, it is not painted, it does not fade, the surface is smooth, and it comes with a chassis.
  • Packing: Packed according to export standard, styrofoam packaging plus outer box, safely delivered.

  • Material:
  • Colour: 
  • Size: 
    24x24x25cm / 9.44×9.44×9.84in
  • Net weight:3500 g / 7.71 lbs

Packing Include:

  • Flower pot X1

Additional information

Weight 3.50 kg
Dimensions 300 × 290 × 290 cm



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