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Product information:

Material: Natural resin

Process: Resin process

Category: Resin Crafts

Hanging form: ornaments

Style: American

Modeling: Character


Product size: 25*8*6cm


1. [One machine with multiple functions]: beautify the living room environment and enrich the decoration color of the living room. It also has a great impact on people’s physical and mental feelings.

2. [Wide occasions]: Can be placed in the living room, bedroom, office, and add a touch of color to your life.

3. [Beautiful meaning]: Different accessories have different meanings. Some represent honesty, some represent wealth, and some represent peace.

4. [Best choice for gift giving]: exquisite design, gorgeous appearance, beautiful meaning, gift giving should be generous and kind.

Packing list:

Ornament x1

Additional information

Weight 0.26 kg
Dimensions 280 × 110 × 90 cm

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